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Wikipedia co-founder has issued a warning to anyone who uses the online encyclopedia

According to Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, if there is only one reading of the facts, the service is reliable. But anyone can rewrite the articles on it, even without a name.

Wikipedia received serious criticism from the person who helped launch the site at the time: co-founder Larry Sanger said in an interview with Lockdown TV that the service is no longer worth blindly trusting articles at all, and for several reasons.

Sanger cited as an example that the page about US President Joe Biden reads all sorts of information, but no longer the concerns that Republicans raised about the Democratic leader. This, according to Sanger, is problematic, as the reader gets a single approach.

The co-founder also complained that the way Wikipedia works today is no longer like the old one. He explained this by saying that many organizations employ paid writers to include only well-sounding sentences in an article about them. Plus, Sanger added, anyone can edit this content, even without a name.

The co-founder suggested that the page should flag the edited content. This, he said, would avoid clumsiness behind the scenes, as you can see now. According to him, many people want articles to be about what the person concerned wants to be about.



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