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The autoblock feature is coming to Twitter

The micro-blogging site Twitter tries to come up with various features to make their platform more secure. The company has brought several new updates for this purpose. As well as coming up with some more new features. It is known that this popular medium of social communication is bringing the feature of blocking bad messages by itself.

In the meantime speak English:

Twitter has conducted an experiment on such a group. Many times some people write bad messages by tagging that particular person with different journalists and big personalities. Not only that, this step has been taken to prevent the obscene talk and trolls.

A statement from the authorities said:

“We want those who use Twitter not to have to deal with bad messages,” he said.

Twitter now has report options:

This means that if a tweet is bad or against the policy, it can be reported against that tweet. But many of those who originally campaigned on Twitter complained that there were obscene or bad tweets about a number of campaign-related topics. Which is unexpected to be on that platform. According to Twitter, the new feature is in the works. Amra may not always be right. Sometimes the correct message may be flagged.



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