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10 Tips and Tricks for Google Keep in 2021

Google Keep is a free tool for capturing and organizing text, such as reminders and notes, pictures, sounds, and other files in one place. It seems like an organizational or sharing tool, as well as a note-taking tool for home, school, or work.

Google Keep integrates with Google apps and utilities that you can already use in Google Drive, such as Google Docs and Gmail. It’s available for apps running online and on Android and iOS mobile devices.ű

Sign in to Google to search for Google Keep for Web

  1. Use your computer to access the Google.com.
  2. Sign in and go to the top right corner of the screen with 9 square icons. Click it, and then select More or More from the menu. Scroll down and click the Google Keep app.
  3. Go directly to the Keep.Google.com site.

Download the free Google Keep app from playstore or App store

In addition to the web, you can also access Google Keep apps for Chrome, Android, and iOS in these popular app markets:

  • Google Keep app on Google Play (for Android)
  • Google Keep in chrome web store
  • Google Keep in Apple App Store

Features vary through all applications

Customize your colour choices on Google Keep

Think of a note as a loose piece of paper. Google Keep is simple and doesn’t offer folders to sort notes. Instead, color-code your notes. To do this, click the icon in the painter’s palette for a particular note.

Create notes in 4 dynamic ways using Google Keep

Create Google Keep notes in a variety of ways, including:

  • Typing on the keyboard
  • Handwriting with pen-compatible devices
  • Voice or speech input
  • Optical character recognition

Create a Check-Box To-Do list on Google Keep

In Google Keep, you can choose whether there is a note or text before you start a note, but you can change this setting later by selecting the point three of the note and showing or hiding check boxes. To create a list, select the New List icon, which contains three bullet points and horizontal lines that represent the list items.

Set up pictures or files on Google Keep

Connect a picture to the Google Keep note by choosing the mountain. You can capture pictures on mobile devices with the camera.

Record audio or voice calls on Google Keep

Versions of Google Keep Android and iOS app record voice memos, which are especially useful at business meetings or scientific presentations, but the apps don’t end there. In addition to the audio recording, the application also creates a written record of the recording.

The microphone icon starts and finishes recording.

Turn photo text into digital text in Google Keep

Take a picture of a piece of text from your Android tablet and you can annotate it with optical character recognition. The app converts words in text to text, which can be useful in many cases, including making purchases, subpoenas, or creating references for research and sharing with others.

Set timed alerts in Google Keep

Do you need to set a traditional reminder based on time? Select the small hand icon at the bottom of any note and set a reminder of the date and time of the note.

Sync all data transfers related to Google Keep devices

Sync notes on devices and web versions of Google Keep. This feature helps you keep all notes and reminders straight, but also ensures that you have a backup. As long as your devices are signed in to your Google Account, syncing is automatic and seamless.



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