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Top 5 best Ghanaian Tech Blogs you didn’t know

Check out these tech websites in Ghana

Although it’s not surprising that Asia, America, Europe still reign because of the epicenters of 21st technology, the speed at which Africa, especially Ghana, is advancing in its technological base is worth appreciative and commendable.

Find below the top 5 Ghanaian tech blogs you must follow in 2021. Additionally, our article here highlights the top tech bloggers in Ghana for informative tech updates.

1. Mfidie.com

Mfidie has been ranked the top 150th most visited website in Ghana and considered the top seen tech blog in Ghana, per Alexa ranking 2020.

Its consistency in providing audiences with concrete solutions to real-world Ghanaian technological problems is outstanding. As a frontrunner in tech blogging, mfidie feeds its readers with real-time updates on products and services from the telecommunications and mobile network shortcodes.

2. TheProthom-alo.com

The Prothom Alo is a tech website that was launched just recently in 2020. The website has been picking pace and has provided a wide range of informative tips on technology, mobile reviews, up-to-date gadgets, how-to, entertainment reviews from movies and best tv shows, gaming reviews, and the latest trailers. To everyone’s surprise, the prothom alo website may not look like a Ghanaian website, but it is. The website tries to provide information not only for Ghanaians but also for everyone around the world. They hope the visitor finds the website very entertaining and informative

3. jbklutse.com

JBKlutse.com started in May 2015, with its focus being on tech exclusively. Over time, it’s evolved to incorporate lifestyle into its theme; while still maintaining technology because the primary focus. News on this site covers Ghanaian stories, summarizing happenings from Nigeria and other nations across the continent.

4. GustavTK.com

GustavTk.com is a full-fledged technology site that offers tech tips, life hacks, and other technological trends. It is a tech blog that aims to provide tech tips and blogging tips.

Ranked as the 6,061st most visited website in Ghana, Gustavtk.com provides readers with quality content on tech tips, life hacks, and other exciting tech trends.

5. TechnovaGH.com

TechnovaGh produces original content geared toward keeping tech enthusiasts, and therefore the general public in Ghana informed about the happenings within Ghana’s technology space.

Reviews of mobile apps and tech gear, opinion pieces, and personality and startup profiles are featured on this site. They need a social media following, but more would need to be worn out in that regard.



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