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The Boba Fett original Disney plus series received a premiere date and a poster

The second season of The Mandalorian would be the best moving film in Star Wars of the last 20-30 years, even if there were no rest in transporting the salivating-brain-throwing fan-service scenes.

For a start, there’s Ashoka, for example, which debuted live for the first time in the form of Rosario Dawson, hearing the begging of fans. Then two scenes pushed even the male hearts to tears, as we could once again see the young Luke Skywalker, who, unlike the new trilogy, showed the image of the Jedi Master that the character deserved.

Finally, the other scene where fans’ eyes didn’t stay dry was Boba Fett’s return, quite precisely the moment we could see him again in his iconic green mandalor’s armor.

Phenomenal scenes, especially as it became clear at the end of the season that we saw all the unique characters yet – if not in The Mandalorian, then in their series. The first finisher of this is the Book of Boba Fett, the filming of which has been completed. The final touches are already being made. What’s more, he now got a premiere date and an official poster that said

the Boba Fett series will debut at Disney + on December 29 this year.

We don’t know the exact details of the Book of Boba Fett yet, but it’s pretty likely that, as before, it will be posted in an episodic form on Disney’s streaming service, meaning we get new episodes every week. You don’t even know precisely how many parts it will consist of, but chances are there won’t be more than eight. The lead role will, of course, be played by the returning character Temuera Morrison.



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