Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies

Almost everyone has seen or heard commercials from carpet cleaning companies that show how old carpet can be restored to its former glory and cleaned up. You might be wondering if the same can be said for your carpets. You can get your carpets stained by pets and children, or you could have to replace them. Another option is to hire a professional cleaning service to clean them.

There are many carpet cleaning companies all over town. You can find their ads in billboards and in the phonebook, or you may be able to find coupons in your local paper. There are many companies offering these services, so before you call to make an appointment, do your research. Some companies may not have the right cleaning skills for your home. Before you call them to get an estimate, make sure you are clear about this. They may not be able meet your cleaning needs and may charge you for coming to your home.

Carpet cleaning can be done in four ways: shampoo, dry clean and steam clean. All cleaning companies may not offer all these cleaning methods. Whatever company you choose, they should vacuum your carpets. To get the best carpet cleaning, all dirt and debris must be removed before any foam or wet solution can be applied.

Shampooing carpets is the least effective way to clean them. This involves applying a large amount of water to the carpet and then vacuuming up some of the excess water. It is not possible to get rid of all carpet shampoo and water. This can cause damage to the carpet backing, and mildew and mold growth under the carpet padding. Although the initial results are pleasing, they do not last as well as other methods.

Dry cleaning is an option that some companies employ. This method doesn’t require you to use water on your carpets. It uses a powder that draws dirt deep into the carpet and then vacuums it up. This process is more effective at removing dirt and stains, but there is a greater chance that the carpet will be damaged.

Foam cleaning is another option. It is a combination dry cleaning and shampooing. This method does require some water, but it is not as messy as simply shampooing the carpet. The carpet is vacuumed using “dry” foam. This foam is applied to the carpet and scrubbed with a scrubber. Although this is more effective than dry cleaning, it is not the best method for cleaning carpets.

Carpet cleaning companies offer steam cleaning as the most popular method. This uses hot steam, which is delivered through a wand attachment and penetrates the carpet to remove dirt and stains. This method uses less water than traditional shampooing and kills any bacteria or viruses that might be present in your carpets. A powerful vacuum then extracts any remaining moisture from the carpet.

Look for carpet cleaning companies that provide the type of carpet cleaning you want. They should also offer a warranty against any damage to your carpet.
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