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Why SSL Certificate is required for your Website

Do you know what SSL is? What is SSL Full Form? How many types of SSL certificates?

Why buy SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is very important for the security of any website. In today’s article we will discuss in detail what SSL is, how many types of SSL certificates and why SSL certificates are required for your website.

You will see a lock mark on the left side of the URL of almost every website. This lock actually proves the presence of SSL certificate on that website and this means that this website is protected with SSL certificate. SSL is basically a security level, so it is very important to use SSL certificate on every website. The sSL certificate protects your website and your website information from hackers.

What is the full form of SSL

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. SSL port number 443. The term socket in sSL means that information is exchanged between your server and the web browser through the socket method.

What is SSL – What is SSL in English

SSL is currently the standard security technique. sSL is an encrypted protocol that establishes a secure connection between your web server and your web browser. And it ensures that data transferred between your web server and browser is safe from hackers.

What is sSL certificate – What is SSL certificate in Bangla

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that is installed on a web server to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. An SSL certificate has 2 keys. The first is the private key and the second is the public key. Private keys are kept secure. And public keys with certificates are distributed publicly.

Typically, SSL certificates are used on websites to secure credit card and debit card transactions, data transfers, usernames, passwords, or any important personal data transactions on that website.

So whenever you provide your personal or necessary information on a website or buy anything with your credit card and debit card, make sure that the website uses SSL certificate.

Now the question that may come to your mind is how do we know which website is using SSL certificate? And which website is running without SSL certificate?

To check the SSL certificate of a website, first look at the URL of that website. You see that the URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If you see that the URL starts with HTTPS, then this website is using SSL certificate. And since the website is using SSL certificate, it can be considered as a secure website. You will also see a lock image at the beginning of https. If you click on this lock, you will see complete information about the SSL certificate.

If the URL starts with http then this website is not using SSL certificate and it is an insecure website. So you should avoid making any kind of transaction on such website.

What kind of information does the SSL certificate contain?

An SSL certificate contains the following information –

An SSL certificate has been issued for the domain name.

Information about the person, company, or device for which the SSL certificate has been issued.

Name of the certificate authority that issued the SSL certificate.

Digital signature of the certificate authority

Date of issue of SSL certificate

Expiry date of SSL certificate

Public key

How many types of SSL certificates

Single Domain SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificate

Multi-domain SSL certificate

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL Certificate means that only one domain name is protected by a website. For example, if we use a single domain SSL certificate for our website, this certificate protects only www.bdtechtuner.com. In addition, a single domain SSL certificate will not protect the subdomains of your website.

Wildcard SSL certificate

Wildcard protects SSL certificates, a domain and many of its sub-domains. This is a single certificate with a wildcard letter (*). Here * (Asterisk Symbol) means sub-domain name.

For example, if we use the Wildcard SSL certificate for our website, this certificate will protect www.bdtechtuner.com as well as all subdomains of the bdtechtuner website.

Multi-domain SSL certificate

Multi-domain SSL certificates protect multiple websites simultaneously. That is, you can use a multi-domain SSL certificate to protect multiple websites!

For example, suppose you have multiple businesses and you run a separate website for each business. So if you want to secure all your websites with different SSL certificates then it is a lot of trouble. So instead of having a separate SSL certificate for everyone, you can secure all websites with a multi-domain SSL certificate.

A multi-domain SSL certificate is called a UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) or SAN (Subject Alternative Name Certificate).

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

Domain Validation SSL Certificates are usually available cheaply or for free. The best example of this is the encrypted SSL certificate. DV SSL Certificate comes with 256-bit encryption. Website owners who only want to verify their site’s domain name use the Domain Validation SSL Certificate.

organization Validation SSL Certificate

The validity of the organization, company, business or organization in the SSL certificate is verified by the CA i.e. Certificate Authority. In fact, the main purpose of the Organization Validation SSL Certificate is to encrypt and secure business sensitive information.

Organization Validation SSL Certificate comes with 2048-bit Signature and 256-bit encryption! And they are more secure and reliable than domain validated SSL certificates.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL Certificate, Domain Validation and Organization Validation is much more difficult than getting SSL Certificate. Because to get this SSL certificate, you have to complete some Globally Standardized Identity Verification Process. And then it takes about a week for this SSL certificate to become active.

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How SSL certificates work

When a browser connects to a web server with an SSL certificate, the browser first sends its identity to the web server. The web server then sends its web certificate to the browser. The browser then checks the Web Server to see if it is Trustworthy and sends a message to the Web Server after the check is completed. Then Digital Encrypted Data is displayed between Browser and Web Server. Throughout this process, web browsers and web servers display trusted data between themselves and Browser, the web server’s data shows Secured.

The advantage of SSL certificate

You already know what an SSL certificate is and how many types it is. So let’s find out now what are the benefits of SSL certificate

The SSL certificate protects the data of your website visitors.

sSL increases your website’s Google search ranking.

SSL certificates increase the trust and revenue of your website’s customers.

SSL certificates protect your website from various types of cyber attacks.

What type of SSL certificate should be purchased?

By now you must know what SSL is and how many types of SSL certificates there are. So now the most asked question is, which SSL certificate should we buy? So if you also want to know the answer to this question, it is very important for you to understand the types of SSL certificates mentioned above.

So if you have an e-commerce website where people transact with their debit or credit card every day, then you should buy a good company and trusted SSL certificate.

But if you run a knowledge base blogging website, where your visitors do not have to make any transactions or do not need a username and password to login, then on such a website you need Domain Validation SSL or Normal SSLYou can use the certificate. If you want to encrypt the SSL certificate on your website, you can use it by talking to your web hosting provider. Or you can install it on your own website.

Similarly, if you are looking for SSL Certificate for your company, you can use Wildcard SSL Certificate and Organization Validation SSL Certificate.

Last word

Currently it is really difficult to trust any website without SSL certificate, especially since all sites contain personal and sensitive information of customers. Such as- Login User Name, Password, Pin Code, Payments Details (Debit and Credit Card Information) etc.

So if you have a website where such sensitive information is exchanged, you must get an SSL certificate for your website, so that your customers will like your site as well as build trust in your site Will. It will also help keep your customers' sensitive and personal information safe and secure.


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