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Spider-Man 2 PS5 announced, with Venom appearing

Insomniac didn’t on tonight, announcing two games for the PlayStation 5, among others! One of the big debuts was Spider-Man 2, which we’ve been waiting for for some time since the first part of 2018 was very successful, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony’s Spider-Man universe are also running well. You can watch the first trailer below.

The trailer also features Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) and Miles Morales (Nadji Jeter), who will certainly be in control. Still, perhaps the biggest surprise is Venom, who hasn’t had a run-in with Spider-Man in the Marvel films, at least in the MCU era. Hopefully, Tom Hardy, the star of the symbiotes, will be able to set up the big meeting in the live-action version until then, because otherwise, the games will outrun Sony’s film studio! Venom is also played in Todd.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released in 2023 exclusively for PlayStation 5. So by this time, all fans should have PS5s!



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