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Smartmi’s new Humidifier Rainforest imitates rain droplets and sound

Smartmi, known for its smart purifiers, unveiled a new Apple Homekit-enabled humidifier. As the name implies, the Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest imitates natural evaporating process along with a transparent shell displaying water droplets. The smart humidifier is already listed on company’s global websites but is yet to be priced.


  • Smartmi’s introduces smart humidifier with natural humidification.
  • The Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest also boasts transparent shell and smart assistants.
  • Smartmi is yet to reveal the release and pricing of Humidifier Rainforest.

Transparent design and mist-free humidification

Unlike most conventional machine dampeners, Smartmi’s Humidifier Rainforest comes with a top-fill design coupled with a dome LED screen that shows real-time water and relative humidity levels. Below it is a see-through shell that reminds us of a coffee maker pot. There is also a built-in washable air filter at the bottom. The device’s volume capacity is three liters or enough for up to 15 hours of continuous humidification.

The Humidifier Rainforest uses mist-free humidification process which is possible through custom evaporation technology. Smartmi is utilizing air ionizer that produces natural anion (negative ions). These types of ions are generally more effective in removing high particulate matter. Lastly, the device mimics rain sounds by using mixture of white noise to aid better sleeping.

Smartmi smart Humidifier Rainforest
Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest comes with dome LED display and top-fill design / © Smartmi

Pricing and smart assistant support

Like on the cordless Smart P2 Purifier, home voice assistants are supported with Humidifier Rainforest. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon’s Alexa. The Smartmi Link app also notifies users when it’s time for cleaning routine or to refill the water tank. Furthermore, users can set up smart scheduling and timer using the app.

It’s unclear how much the Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest will cost. In contrast, the cheapest humidifier from the Xiaomi-owned company retails for $140. The launch could be around the corner considering the device is already listed on the Smartmi’s websites including the US, Canada, and Europe.



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