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How to rank an article in the right way?

It is very important for a blogger to rank articles. Because no matter how many articles you write, if you can’t do SEO properly and if you can’t rank articles, then you won’t get visitors in any way. If you do not get visitors, then what do you do by writing a blog or article. For a blogger, visitors are the real thing. Even if you don’t write thousands of articles without visitors, there is no way you can make money. Today I will discuss with you in detail how to rank an article.

22 out of 200 important ranking factors

You need to use keywords in the title tag.

You need to use keywords in the URL.

Keywords must be used in the description.

Use keywords at the beginning of the article.

.H1, H2, H3 tags should be used in the article. That is, what is in the article should be done in the form of a summary table.

Keywords must be used once after a minimum of 500 words. You have to use the synonym key word of the description.

AMP must be used. Use anchor text. When writing an article, you have to give references and sources to the articles that you will write in the article. Bullet points or number lists should be used in the article. Must have HTTPS domain. Use schema tags. Rating is done with the help of Scream tag.

Interesting titles should be used in the article.

Bounce rate should be refrained from eating. Need to get comments from users. Need to use multimedia. Multimedia means using images, videos etc. Images need to be optimized. Must be on social media on the website. Keywords cannot be given more. You need to check if you have backlink errors. You have to check whether it is going to another website. Keyword research tips First you have to select Nice.

Need to find keywords.

You need to get keyword ideas from other people’s websites. Must take big keywords. Because big keywords can be easily ranked.

Article length should be checked.

If the article has social media, then you have to work with that keyword. If you search with keywords, there are many social media pinterest in Google, YouTube, you have to understand that you have to take that keyword if you have social media.

At the beginning you have to take the keyword of 100-1500 search volume. You have to select keywords based on the Google index, backlinks, DA of the article. Of course you have to take less.

The backlink stance of the article should be seen. You also need to check where you get the backlinks from. Use LSI keywords inside the article. LSI Keywords When we search for a keyword in Google, all the keywords below are LSI keywords.

A few necessary tools

To check for duplicates – Duplichecker.Com
With this website you can check if there is any copy in your article. There are two free and paid versions of this website which you can use as you wish. To check mobile friendly – Mobile Friendly Checker.Com
It is very important for every blogger to have a website that is mobile friendly. With the help of this website you can check whether your website is mobile friendly. To check the page speed – Page Speed ​​Insight
The page speed of the website is very important for ranking the article. And it must be within 2 to 3 seconds. With the help of this website you can check the page speed of the website. To check the performance of the website – GTmatrix
.This website allows you to check your website’s performance, loading time, etc. To check the content length – Wordcounter.Net

When you write an article based on a keyword, your article should have more word count than your competitor’s article. With the help of the website you can know the word number of your article. To audit the site – Smrush.Com
This website allows you to check the overall performance of your website. That means how much DA and PA your website has, how much backlink it has, how much domain authority you can check everything. To get keyword idea – Answer.Com
We need a keyword ID to write the article. With this website you can easily find any keyword ID. To get keyword idea – Sovle.Com
This is also the same website for taking keyword ideas. You can also get any type of keyword ID from this website. For image optimization – Compress. JPEG With this website you can reduce the size of any image. In order for your website to load faster, you have to reduce the size of each image and still upload.

A few necessary extensions

To check the search volume of keywords – Keyword Everywhere

To check the search volume of keywords – Ubersuggest

To check DA and PA – Moz Bar

With these extensions you can check the search volume of any keyword. You can also check the search volume from any country. And with the help of what we are discussing below, you can check the DA and PA of the website.

Today I have given you a complete idea of ​​how to rank an article. If you can write an article


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