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RIP Battlegrounds? China Bans PUGB Esports

China has shifted a degree in its fierce struggle to “protect minors” and is restricting the digital existence of young people with more and more stringent measures these days. One of its main targets is the video game industry, which puts major Chinese players under severe pressure to abide by draconian rules.

Seeing the initial legislation, of course, we could be sure that there would be no stopping at all, so here are the restrictions after the restrictions on TikTok and streaming platforms, which will significantly push back Chinese exports. Although the Chinese government has been tasting the export scene for a few years now, in light of the current wave of bans, it is worth taking the current one more seriously than before.

At the moment, it seems that part of the PUBG esports is banned in the country, and not just for minors, but everyone.

Yibo Zhang, chairman of the China Cultural Management Association’s Esports Committee, said the NAPP’s Chinese regulatory authority has not yet approved the PUBG, which means they can’t hold esport competitions, form teams, or form teams even mediate in China. They can broadcast esport events, matches. And based on current events, this does not appear to be changing.

But if it does, it can still seriously set back Chinese youth in their dreams of escaping careers and may even be a deterrent. In sports, it is customary for talent watchers to sign players at an early age, at a very young age, at the age of 14-15, but according to the laws already in force, this age group can hardly play anything with the game – even on weekends.

Thus, they will be in a complicated situation later, and in fact, the question may arise as to whether it is worthwhile to create Chinese esport teams at all, as they will be a vast lag compared to other esporters in the world. We’ll only get answers to these later, but the other games may be worried as well, as PUBG is owned by Chinese-based Tencent, which still has a couple of esport-type titles in its bag, which could also suffer from this kind of restriction.



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