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At the height of Hamas’s popularity, 80 percent of Palestinians want Abbas to resign

The Palestinian people protest against the repression of the security forces of the Mahmoud Abbas-led government. Photo: AFP

.Hamas, a Palestinian pro-independence group, has grown in popularity. On the other hand, 80 percent of the people in the region have demanded the resignation of the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas.

This is according to a new survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey.

.An activist was recently killed in police custody of the Mahmoud Abbas-led government, Arab News reported. In addition, when the Palestinian people protested, the security forces cracked down on them. Due to these reasons, people’s anger against the Abbas administration has increased.

.On the night of June 24 this year, Palestinian security officials detained an activist named Nizar Banat from his cousin’s home. About a dozen Palestinian security officials entered the house and struck Banat on the head with an iron shovel. .He later died in custody.

Nizar Banat, 42, was openly critical of the leaders of the Palestinian group Fatah on social media and was known for his exceptional role. .He accused leaders of Mahmoud Abbas’s political party, Fatah, of corruption. His posts on social media were viewed by thousands of people.

.According to opinion polls released on Tuesday, Hamas’s popularity has skyrocketed since the 11-day war with Israel in May. Western-backed Abbas, on the other hand, has lost popular support.

.Khalil Shikhaki, head of the Public Survey Organization (PCPSR), said public support for President Mahmoud Abbas was at an all-time low. The researcher, who has been reviewing Palestinian public opinion for the past two decades, said his popularity had never plummeted.

.Note that Israel was formed by occupying the Palestinian territories. This occupation of the country continues to this day. Cruel torture goes on only if it is obstructed. The Palestinian Authority, the government of Mahmoud Abbas, continues to implement this Israeli policy in the West Bank. .They are doing everything from regime-exploitation, arrests to political assassinations.

In April this year, Mahmoud Abbas announced elections in Palestine after 15 long years. But he backed away from that decision for fear of defeat.

.But Mahmoud Abbas, 65, is recognized by the international community as the leader of Palestine, despite his popularity plummeting and his refusal to run for re-election. They see Abbas as a partner in the Palestinian peace process with Israel.

.Mahmoud Abbas’s party Fatah rules the “West Bank” of Palestine. They also ruled Gaza. But in 2006, Hamas seized control of Gaza from Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah.

.Hamas, a Palestinian pro-independence militant group, has been at war with Israel several times. Hamas has won every war against Israel, a military superpower. That is why they have become a symbol of hope and aspiration for the Palestinian people.

.The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Researchers said they interviewed a total of 1,260 people in the West Bank and Gaza to conduct the survey. In it, 6 percent of people said Mahmoud Abbas should resign. .Forty-five percent of respondents said Hamas should lead Palestine. On the other hand, 19 percent said secular Fatah should take the lead.




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