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BREAKING NEWS: The first official Trailer of the Matrix 4 has arrived!

It turns out exactly when the trailer arrives

A sequel or reboot will hit theaters in December this year, with Neo and Trinity set to return, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss also on set. So far, however, we’ve only known the official title and cast of The Matrix Resurrections, unofficial details of his story have been leaked, and the first images have been waiting for you – until now. As the premiere approached, the marketing machine was launched, and as a result, we received the first official material from Matrix 4. You can see this in the gallery below.

Today, we have announced that the related official pages of the film have been updated, one of which now features video excerpts and quasi-teasers from The Matrix Resurrections by clicking on the blue or red capsule. From these, Entertainment Weekly cut out the pictures, which you can also view in our gallery. These correlate with the trailer, presented privately at the end of August, and can be watched on Thursday, September 9th, from 15:00 time. According to this, Keanu Reeves’s Neo lives as Thomas Anderson again and goes to the therapist played by Neil Patrick Harris. When he meets Trinity, they give the impression of strangers. Mr. Anderson has nothing to do with his strange dreams, obviously memories from his past.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s hero, pictured, gives Neo a red pill instead of the blue pill he’s prescribed, which again we know what he’s doing: he opens his eyes to see reality. I mean, the real one, if there’s any more. And in the teaser and the pictures, we can spot a Zioni ship and a man with a missing mouth, so it’s certainly the agents and their cruel interrogation methods that are coming back.

The Matrix Resurrections is scheduled for its U.S. premiere on December 22, 2021, and will be released on HBO Max alongside the big screen. The trailer for the film is also recorded by an official teaser, which you can see below, along with the official poster.

Meanwhile, the youTube channel ONE Media featured two teasers, red and blue capsules, which you can see on the interactive website. You can check it out below in one:



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