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Marvel’s Avangers: The PC version now has Copyright Protection

Marvel’s Avengers 2.0.2 update has arrived, which is tampering with several things about the game. One is to remove Denugo from the PC version. Although this is not mentioned in patch notes by developer Crystal Dynamics, several video player tabs such as Destructoid claim that the copy protection system was thrown and that it makes the game run better, according to player reports.

Denuvó has been claimed for years to degrade video game performance on certain configurations, but this is not acknowledged by the goal that produced the program. However, Square Enix, among others, has a habit of taking Denuvo out of its games after a while, as they have done before with Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Octopath Traveler, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Trials of Mana. It will also be used in the later guardians of the galaxy. This year, Resident Evil Village made Denuvo a popular topic again, although Capcom’s own defense solution added a shovel.

Back to Avengers, the update brought a Marvel Cinematic Game of Skin to Black Panther (admittedly, it can only be obtained in the online store), two new multiplayer mission chains, and a limited number of Fragment Extractors, which is good for activating the number of Fragments collected (this is the in-game currency from which you can buy stuff). The extractor can be collected by pressing up for the challenge, and the new mission chain is completed weekly.https://www.youtube.com/embed/k4pTjTMCJ0o?feature=oembed

The update also fixes errors, and for example, Iron Man will finally not have two helmets in the guides to the Wakanda missions. And the Black Panther won’t be handing out such unreasonably large damage while running around in Nehanda gear. Crystal Dynamics writes that “yes, we’ve seen the videos,” suggesting that users have shared several recordings in which the unreasonably powerful T’Challa grinds down a boss alone. In seconds, that should be a challenge for an entire team.

As for marvel’s Avenger’s future, the developers say we’ll get PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man later this year.


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