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Make-500-1000$ Dollars a month by blogging

earn money by blogging

Nowadays, blogging is one of the simplest ways to earn a living. .Because blogging is a medium through which you can easily earn income using ads from various advertisers starting from Google Adsense. For this you don’t have to work as hard as making videos. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And of course you have to write copyright free writing.

….Why do blogging?

.Blogging is one of the most popular sources of passive income today. You can easily earn income from here by writing according to your time. At present, it is not easy to earn income through any other means that you will blog.

.What do you need to know to blog?

.1 / If you want to blog, you must know about creating a website. You can’t blog without creating a website, so you must know how to create a website.

2 / Need to know about WordPress or Blogger. There are two CMS for creating a website, one of which is WordPress and the other is Blogger. Here’s how to put one together for use with your website.

3 / Domain-hosting needs to know. Domains and hosting have to be bought before creating a website. You need to know what kind of hosting is required for your website i.e. what the server should look like and what level of domain is required.

4 / need to know about different plugins. You will need various plugins for blogging. .For which you need to know about different plugins. Let me tell you the names of some plugins like Contact Form 7, AMP, W3 Total Cache, Yoost SEO etc. If you build a website with WordPress, you may need to use all of these plugins.

5 / need to know about SEO. If you want to rank your website articles then you must do SEO. You must know about SEO so that your article will not rank in any way without SEO.Make-100-200 a month by blogging

What subjects need to be learned?

1 / Learn to create WordPress or Blogger website. You will need a theme to create WordPress and Blogger websites. If you want you can use free theme or create website using paid theme. With YouTube you can completely learn how to create a Blogger or WordPress website.

2 / You have to learn how to connect hosting with the domain. Domain hosting must be purchased before creating a website. After purchasing the domain, you need to go to your domain’s control panel and place the name server of your hosting. You can learn how to connect domain-hosting from YouTube.

3 / You can learn how to do SEO by watching YouTube or you can do a paid course.

What do you need for blogging?

If you want you can blog with mobile. However, it is better to have a PC or laptop.
And of course you have to have an internet connection.

Where do I learn blogging?

Since many people take courses on blogging online, you can take courses online if you want.
If you do not want to do paid courses, you can learn from YouTube.

What are the ways to earn income by learning blogging?

.1 / Advertiser can earn income from there by using the advertisement of the organization. The most reliable organization among the advertisers is to earn income through Google Adsense. Google AdSense usually pays on the 22nd of every month. If you have 100 100 in your account, Google pays on the 22nd of each month.

2 / Then you can earn income through sponsorship if you want. You can contract with different companies and place their ads on your website and earn income through it.

.3 / Then you can make income by affiliate marketing if you want. There are many big companies like Amazon that have affiliate marketing programs. You can earn income by selling their products if you want.

Finally, I would like to say one thing, it is neither easy nor difficult to do anything at present. If you can work hard then you can definitely earn income and if you can't work hard then you can never earn income from there. With the right planning and hard work, you can reach the pinnacle of success.


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