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A South Korean series has become the most popular series in Netflix’s history

The first season of the surviving drama Wins Your Life debuted on Netflix on September 17. Co-chair of the market-leading streaming giant said the South Korean series has a high chance of becoming the most popular series in the platform’s history. The service provider has already offered a lot of content worldwide that is not in English. Just think of the Spanish A big money laundering or the French Lupine, but the East Asian series has already bypassed these as well.

“Win Your Life is sure to be our most successful non-English language series globally,” Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said at a conference in Beverly Hills on Monday. “It only came out nine days ago, and there’s an excellent chance it’s going to be the most successful series of all time with us. It’s hugely popular,” Sarandos said. (Source: Korea Times )

The series was written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, and the plot revolves around indebted people who, in the hope of a huge prize, faced a particular challenge in which they had to win in games for children. However, it soon becomes clear that the real bet is not the tempting prize but their own lives.



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