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How to Save your Chat History on Yahoo Messenger

Did you know that Yahoo Messenger has a chat history for web features to save logging and chat conversations? Enable this feature breeze and only take a few seconds!

1. First, you need to enable Yahoo Chat History.

To get started, click on the “Message History” button located in the upper-right corner of yahoo messenger’s web environment.

2. Select Chat History

Then select Yahoo Messenger webchat history settings in the upper-right corner of the chat history window.

3. Choose Yahoo Messenger webchat settings.

Then select Yahoo Messenger webchat history. From this panel, users can:

  • Before deleting your IM history, ask for the command, and
  • Enable Yahoo Messenger webchat history

Read Yahoo Messenger Chat History from Web

To read your custom chat history for Yahoo Messenger for the Web, select the connection and click the arrow button. Select “View message history” to instantly display your saved Yahoo Messenger webchat history for that selected contact.

View Chat History on Yahoo Messenger

The chat history log appears for every Yahoo Messenger web conversation. Click the record to see your chat history.

  • Delete chat history when you open the Yahoo Messenger webchat history log, users can delete the record by clicking the “Delete” button. This chat history cannot be saved after deletion and is persistent.
  • Find chat history want to search yahoo messenger web chat history? Open web history to enter the contact’s Yahoo ID, MSN Windows Live schema, or mobile number to find the related records.


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