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Google is developing a new app that will make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Google is already working hard on an app called Switch to Android to help those who switch from iOS to Android.

It looks like Google really wants to make things easier for iPhone users who would switch their phone to Android. The 9to5Google stab a novelty to the latest version of the mobile operating system, suggesting that Google is working to install on your iPhone, making the application easy to prepare for relocation.

According to the tab, Google currently allows users to upload their contact list, calendar entries, and photos to Google Drive and then download the data to their Android device with the same account after switching.

In comparison, the Switch to Android app provides a much more flexible transfer from one device to another. According to the report, the following instructions for use were found in the code:

Step 1: Download the Switch to the Android app from the App Store.

Step 2: Open the network settings.

Step 3: Select the appropriate network and enter the corresponding password.

The application then acts as a quasi wifi hotspot. According to the description, the data mentioned above and SMS and applications can be transferred to the android device. You will also need to enter your iTunes password to do this.

The GSMArena notes, but I did not know many details about the transmission of applications, but it is almost certain that the paid apps are not followed through on my Android phone. They will have to re-take the Play store.



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