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Use Google Drive without internet

US search giant Google has introduced its own storage service Google Drive without internet access. As a result, even if there is no internet on the phone or computer now, documents or pictures kept in Google Drive can be viewed offline. The tech giant said this in a newly published blog post. Usually personal documents like PAN card, voter card or driving license are kept in important Google Drive in addition to PDF files of office work.

So that it can be seen immediately when needed. But the biggest problem with digital documents is that there is no way to use them without the Internet. Many times the lack of network in remote areas is a problem. To solve this problem, Google brought new technology. According to Google, from now on, PDF files and office documents can be viewed offline in Google Drive. Google also said that this facility will not be available just by saving digital files in Drive. To view digital documents in Google Drive while the Internet is off, you need to right-click on the corresponding document and click on the ‘Available Offline’ option.

Google has been practicing this new technology since 2019. Many customers took part in the exercise. After the success of the technology was brought to the public.


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