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Google and Apple have removed eight lakh apps

Google and Apple, two US technology giants, have removed more than 600,000 apps from their stores. This information has been revealed from Pixelate’s ‘H-One 2021’ delisted mobile app report recently.

.In the first six months of this year, more than 7 lakh 13 thousand apps have been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, these apps have been downloaded more than a billion times from the Google Play Store before being delisted.

.According to Pixellet of California, Apple received 2.1 million customer reviews and ratings before removing these apps from the App Store. So even if removed from the App Store, millions of users have the possibility of having these apps on their smartphones.

.The report found that 6 percent of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and 69 percent in the Apple App Store targeted children 12 years of age and younger. .It was also found that 25 percent of Play Store apps and 59 percent of App Store apps do not have a privacy policy.

28 percent of the apps were removed from the Russian Google Play Store and 80 percent of the apps were listed in the Chinese App Store. .There was no privacy policy in the Chinese App Store.

Of the apps that were removed, 6 percent had at least one dangerous permission. These harmful permissions are also called runtime permissions. .This allows these applications to easily access your phone’s data. Due to which the functionality of the system and other apps starts to be affected .



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