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How to Get Google Adsense Approval

Easily approve Google AdSense

The main reason a blogger comes to blogging is to earn money. To make money from blogging, you must use an ad network. The main thing for every blogger is to use Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense is the safest medium and it is very easy to withdraw money from Google Adsense. .In today’s article I will share with you how to easily approve Google AdSense and some of the reasons why Google AdSense is not. So let’s get started.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad network. .Through this, different companies advertise for the promotion of their company’s products. Any company can advertise from anywhere through Google Adsense. Basically it is an advertiser organization.

Why use Google Adsense?

Many people may be wondering why I use Google AdSense. Because it is an ad network where you can get your money very safely. Google pays you automatically on the 22nd of each month. .Moreover, Google gives you the highest income. This is why you will use Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is not approved for some reason?

1 / Sexual content
.If you are a blogger, you will not be able to upload any sexual content in your article. Because Google does not approve sexual content in AdSense. It falls within the scope of Google.
2 / Extremist content
.If you post racist or extremist content on your blog for any category, then Google does not provide Google Adsense ads on those websites. This also falls within the scope of Google's Violation.
3 / Religious extremists
.If you are a blogger, if you post any offensive extremist on your blog about any religion, then Google Adsense will never approve your blog. .Google AdSense will not approve your blog if you have any bad comments about religion on your blog or are interested in waging war against any religion.
4 / Political extremist
There are different political parties all over the world .Google AdSense will never approve your blog if you post extremist objectives on your blog aimed at a political party.
5 / Copyright Content
.Google Adsense: Google Adsense easily approves all those websites that post content using their own articles, ie creativity. .Even if you steal someone else's content and upload your own website, Google will never approve your website.
6 / Copyright image
A blogger has to use different images to make their content interesting. .If you use someone else's image on your blog, Google AdSense will never approve your website.

Approved tips on Google AdSense

1 / Design your website in a very beautiful way with a responsive theme.

.2 / Buy HTTPS and .com domains.

3 / Website must be loaded very fast. Such must be kept within three seconds.

4 / Content must be user friendly.

5 / Content should be given the most importance.

6 / No copyright can be posted.

.6 / The website must have a human readability sitemap.

6 / Must have privacy policy page.

9 / Must have Terms and Conditions page.

10 / must have disclaimer page.

10 / Must have contact page.

11 / The website must have a minimum menu.

.12 / All menus must have a minimum of one to three posts.

13 / must be submitted to the website search console.

14 / The website must have traffic.

15 / Upload minimum 20 to 30 hours of content on the website.

.18 / Minimum 10 to 15 content must be Google index.

16 / No other AdSense account is logged in the device on which you will apply Google AdSense.

.Currently there are many more ad networks besides Google Adsense that you can use if you want. Although 90% of people use or apply to use Google Adsense. .Before applying to AdSense, I have tried to give you a detailed idea of ​​the things you need to keep in mind and how to write an article accordingly. We hope you find the article useful. Thanks everyone .


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