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FIFA 22: The long-awaited gameplay expands the career mode

A thousand colors of football

Electronic Arts have unveiled one of FIFA’s 22 innovations, a game mode that fans have been asking the company for years. Now we can create our own team within the career mode in the football game, so let’s see the details too!

First, the identity of the team needs to be determined. You have to choose a team name, the league you want to play in, and finally decide which real team to play instead. This is necessary because the number of teams playing in the leagues remains unchanged regardless of the innovation. You can start as a twentieth-ranked team and fight your way to the forefront, but you can also play against the biggest champions. You have to specify which team is your rival; you get extra points during matches against him.

Your team is completely customizable: you can also select the players’ home-and-away jersey, the team’s stadium, logo. You can replace the last two at the beginning of each new season. EA promises there will be a wide variety of styles and variations, so the selection will not seem scarce.

You can also customize the stadium to your own style. You can choose the colour of the chairs in the building and the auditorium, and you can choose the lawn pattern for the track. The mood is up to you, too: goal music, crowd chanting and outgoing anthems can also be defined. By the way, you can also personalize your stadium for real-life teams as long as it’s not licensed. ?feature=oembed

Source: Electronic Arts

In addition, the skill tree and perk system will be renewed, but the period spent in the locker room between matches will also be replayed, which will be based on how the team performed in the given half. Overall, we’re looking forward to an exciting innovation that has been around for a popular sports game for a while. You can find all more information about My Team here.

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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