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Suddenly the Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp server went down

Suddenly the popular means of social communication Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp servers have gone down. These sites are not going to be used from 9:30 pm on Monday, Bangladesh time.

.Meanwhile, an the prothom alo report has said that since Monday afternoon, users of these media have been receiving down complaints.

Facebook has expressed temporary regret over the server down. .In a message from Facebook, it has been said that work is being done to fix everything in a short time. Hope to be back soon.

.According to the prothom alo, Facebook users have not been able to use Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp since 9pm.

.According to the online platform monitoring website Down Detector, about 1,500 users around the world complained of not being able to access Facebook until 9:30 pm on Monday.




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