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Disruption on Facebook-Instagram again

Disruption on Facebook-Instagram again

For the second time in four days, problems arose on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram after midnight on Friday.

.Many users reported not being able to share photos on Instagram and send messages on Facebook Messenger. News Bloomberg.

He also admitted that he has apologized for the Facebook problem. Although in the larger case no problems were created in the Friday service.

.Earlier on Monday night, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services were shut down for about seven hours. Within four days of a week, the user got into trouble again.

.In a post from Facebook on Friday, we know that some users are having trouble using our app. We are trying to make the service as fast as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

.A total of 36,000 users around the world are reported to be having trouble sharing photos on Instagram.

Many users have had problems using Facebook Messenger. .Making any changes in these two apps may have created a big problem for Facebook. That is why the customer is having problems again and again .



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