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What is domain and hosting? Why the need?

Two things are needed in the initial stage to build a complete website.

1 / Domain (Domain)

2 / Hosting / Server

1 / Domain: Domain is basically a name. A website with that name will be introduced.

.2 / Hosting: Storage (storage) where the website is connected to the Internet. Hosting is also called server in some cases.

We basically host our website on big servers.

Why domains are needed?

.Many of the newcomers who want to create a website have a question, would not be a website without a domain? Or why the need for hosting?
Come to the first question. “Yes” is the website without the domain. And, by connecting it to the internet, you can give access to everyone.

.But! How do you get the introduction of your website? The answer is quite simple. Hosting will give you an IP (IP; Internet Protocol). An IP is basically a set of numbers that determines the address of a website. .So if you don’t have a domain, you have to take access to the website with this IP. But there are some who will memorize a few numbers to remember your website! .So, you will not find a domain option to present your website nicely to everyone.

Why do you need hosting?

As I said before, hosting is a storage. And this storage is stored there after website development and design. .Now you can say that your computer also has storage, mobile also has storage.

Why separate storage is important without using that storage?

The Internet we are connected to is basically a network. .Networks are the means by which many devices are connected to each other to exchange data. And the largest networking system in the world is the Internet.

.So any device that can be connected to this system 24 hours a day can give everyone access to someone else through this huge network. .The personal devices we have, even if we want to, are connected to the internet 6 days a week and 24 hours a day, but we can’t give access to everyone with a Dedicated IP. .Or even a good quality speed and bandwidth rich internet connection for just one website is subject to base cost (such a move is not seen on a personal level without large organizations). Because it will become something like “more music than rent”. .Because it is difficult to ensure round-the-clock power, good internet connection and bandwidth for just one website. .So separate data centers are set up just for websites where multiple target websites can be hosted at once. By doing this we get a simple and beautiful solution at low cost.

.Note: Doing this post to share basic knowledge about domain-hosting. You can share it with those who want to know about it. And you can express your opinion in the comment box .


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