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Crypto ATMs are gaining popularity

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity all over the world. ATM services have come to make the transaction of this currency easier. The United States tops the ATM list. There are more than 1,100 ATMs in George Washington’s country. .Although far behind, crypto ATMs are popular in the UK and Canada. This time a new name is going to be added to that list. About 200 crypto ATMs are located in El Salvador on the Central American continent; Which is the beginning of a new era in the economy of that country.

The news of the installation of 200 crypto ATMs in a country like Salvador raises the question in the minds of many, how useful will these ATMs be?

It is known that the country saves মিল 400 million annually, all of which comes in foreign currency.

Meanwhile, the first cryptocurrency ATM was recently launched in neighboring Honduras. The ATM was set up in neighboring Honduras at a time when neighboring El Salvador was the first country to legalize bitcoin.

In the local language, this ATM is called ‘La Bitcoin’. Honduran firm TGU Consulting Group has set up the ATM in an office building in the country’s capital, Tegucigalpa. Through this, those who are interested can buy Bitcoin and Etherium using local currency. If the ATM service becomes popular, he hopes to set up more ATMs.



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