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How To Increase Organic Rich On Business Page

Almost every day someone asks, “Brother Page is not rich at all”, “Page’s richness has decreased”, “Page has 20,000 likes but richness is zero”

So let’s give some real tips-

Refrain from fake likes
One of the reasons for the decline in organic reach on the page is “buying fake likes”. Due to this fake like, twelve of your pages are lost. Many people could not control their greed and bought it after seeing the offer of thousands of likes for 200/300 rupees. However, your page will have likes but will not be rich. It’s like ‘you’re here and you’re not there’. In other words, there are seats in the cinema hall but there are no spectators.

Some pages have 1 lakh likes but are very rare, not a single like in the post. Some pages have 500 likes, more are rich, the post has more likes.

So which is better?

You can like the page through the official ads of Facebook and through the right target. If you work with ladies clothes but have a like campaign like “If you love dad, like the page”

So are those who like here really interested in ladies clothes?

Will they be engaged with your page?

Post according to the correct size. It is better to do at least 1080 * 1080 pixels.
Refrain from posting copies
Use good quality pictures

Prove that you are active on the page, that is, posting regularly, giving job updates, posting pictures of your own team members, replying to messages, etc.
Story sharing (it will increase your page engagement)
Post 2-3 times every day

That's all for today, I will discuss the rest another day. Stay tuned until then.


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