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Apple’s future smartwatch may feature an inflatable blood pressure sensor

Apple may finally be able to crack the egg on how to enable blood pressure monitoring on its smartwatches. The latest related patent filed by Apple has been found by Patently Apple. It details an attachable blood pressure sensor that may one day end up on a future Watch Series.


  • Apple’s new patent hints towards a blood pressure device attached to the Apple Watch.
  • The device will utilize an inflatable mechanism and air pump.
  • It is unclear if the feature will end up on an actual Apple smartwatch.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple has moved its plan to add blood pressure monitoring on its watches until 2024 after it faced several issues during testing. Fortunately, Apple’s engineers seem to possess a solution in their hands.

Blood pressure monitoring on an Apple Watch

Based on the patent filing, the Cupertino company may use a separate device to measure the blood pressure level. The sketch shows a compact device that is attached and sandwiched between the strap and back of the wrist. It consists of stacked components including a liquid filled sensor that would help determine the changes in pressure as well as sensing mechanisms.

Apple Watch Series with blood pressure monitoring
Apple’s latest patent showing an attachable blood pressure monitoring device / © Patently Apple

The patent also mentioned an inflatable layer and air pump which are used in compressing the arteries of the user before finally deflating so that the sensing stack could read the changes on the blood pressure level. This function is comparable to a classic blood pressure device which compresses the upper arm and in turn collapses the blood vessels inside using a cuff strap. However, Apple’s solution is far trickier as it involves tiny mechanical and electronic parts.

In addition, the data gathered by the device will then be sent and interpreted by an Apple Watch. On the other hand, Apple could implement a standalone and compact blood pressure sensing device without relying on a smartwatch but by sending the data into an iPhone.

The submitted patent does not mean that the technology would end up on actual Apple watches. But considering Apple has been lately focusing on improving the health tracking capabilities on its smartwatches, we don’t rule out the possibilities of seeing an integrated feature related to blood pressure or even blood glucose monitoring within the next two to three generations.

With Apple scheduled to announce the Watch Series 8 in October, which new features of the smartwatch are you looking forward most to?



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