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Amazon’s smart fridge

The technology that e-commerce giant Amazon uses in their cashier-free Amazon Go store also wants to reach customers’ kitchens. .The company is working on a smart fridge that can monitor food or products in the fridge.

..The report further says that it will help to check whether the quality of the food is right or is running out as well as to order it if the quantity of any item is reduced. The team behind Amazon Go Systems has been working on the project for almost two years. .The project is nearing completion. The Go Store keeps track of what products customers have in their carts and automatically charges them as total products when they go out. .The Amazon Fresh and Lab 128 hardware teams are also involved in the Smart Fridge project. The fridge will notice when users often drop off items they buy more and help order from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. .This is expected to increase sales of Amazon’s grocery division. The fridge will also show different types of recipes. However, Amazon will not make the refrigerator itself, so the company has to work with appliance manufacturers. .The fridge may have Alexa voice control facility.



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