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More than 70 games can run smoother on newer types of Xbox

Dozens of more video games can be launched with higher image refresh on Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

Microsoft shared with users a short post that they used FPS Boost smartness in an additional 74 older video games. As a result of the change, the titles in the list can be launched with a higher image refresh on the Redmond company’s Xbox Series X and S consoles than on previous systems.

Redmond company’s Xbox

Redmond company’s Xbox

Image refresh is an important feature, as it determines how continuous the game is on the device. If the FPS (frames per second) is low, the software image will be stuttered. Otherwise, the game will be faster and more enjoyable.

This is the second time Microsoft has increased the FPS available for a given game when a user launches the program on another console. The entire list includes 97 video games, including the new expansion, but the result is not always the same.



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