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The plan is going on with 6G network

The fifth generation wireless system,

short for 5G Advanced Technology Wireless Network, which was launched in 2016. 5G connection service has not been launched anywhere in the world yet.

In the meantime, the top technology companies in the market like Qualcomm, Apple, Google and LG have started research on 8G technology. Research and planning on 6G is being considered considering the various ‘limitations’ of 5G. Top companies are thinking of 8G wireless technology as a ubiquitous connectivity system that users don’t have to worry about network coverage and bandwidth at all. And the scope of this goal is so much that 5G technology has only begun to achieve partial.

In this regard, officials and engineers of several technology companies said, “We hope that the sensors that will be connected through 5G will have more performance in 8G technology and will interact with each other to make the life of the user easier.Will work on the basis.However, 6G technology is still in the planning and testing stages; So now if anyone demands to make a 6G technology product, Cheng advised not to listen to it.



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