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10 foods that increase immunity

10 foods increase immunity

Eating a balanced diet is important for good health. Many people unknowingly eat more or less and make the body diseased. Even if you do not remember the correct diet chart, the body breaks down. Various diseases in the home barrier. Physical weakness occurs when food is not eaten properly. Proper sleep is not. Exhaustion Fatigue nests in the body. The mood became irritable. It affects personal and family life.

It is important to eat the right food to prevent diseases in the body. There are some foods that increase immunity if put on a regular diet.

Nutritionist Sajeda Kashem Jyoti has advised Jugantar about the qualities of these foods.

If what we eat is absorbed and replenishes the body, prevents disease and promotes growth, then it is called food. 10 types of food fight to prevent disease. That is briefly discussed below.

  • Bread, flour, flour, chapatis contain adequate amounts of vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine, which increases the function of the spleen and thymus glands, and the two most important organs for the prevention of disease. Other ‘B’ vitamins are also important. Folic acid is found in fresh vegetables, vitamin B-12, in the liver, fish, eggs, fungi and cereals.
  • Vitamin ‘A’ rich food, which is found in red spinach, spinach and fresh vegetables. Carrots, mangoes, bananas, papayas and colorful fruits are also rich in vitamin A. There are mixed fish, meat, milk and eggs. Vitamin ‘A’ contains beta-carotene which increases the efficiency of the skin and mucous membranes, increasing the intensity of the immune system. Helps in antibody response, helps in prevention of night blindness etc.
  • Ghee, dairy and dairy foods are rich in calcium. In addition, vegetables, fish, peanuts and pulses contain sufficient amounts of calcium, which in combination with magnesium increases immune function. It helps reduce fat.
  • Chocolate, ice cream, cocoa powder pulp, meat, egg yolks, shellfish, aromatic spices, etc. are nicely combined with iron. Maintains the balance of white blood cells, which plays a helpful role in building immunity.
  • Seafood, seafood, chicken, liver, egg yolk cereals, hilsa fish, fish oil, etc. contain mineral salts called selenium, which increase the effectiveness of white blood cells and immune enzymes. This oil contains fatty acids. They help prevent disease.
  • Magnesium: Fresh vegetables, peanuts, seafood and cereals contain magnesium. These increase the effectiveness of immunity.
  • Vitamin ‘E’ is found in plant foods, vegetables, fruits, herbal oils. Beans, bean sprouts, peanuts, etc. In addition to animal food, eggs, egg yolks, fish, meat and milk. These increase the efficiency of white blood cells.
  • Mango, chlorophyll, papaya, watermelon, cabbage, pickled lemon, orange, guava etc. These increase the number of chemical messengers. Especially interferon which plays an important role in preventing the process of infection.
  • Zinc: Green vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, cereals, shrimp, seafood are rich in zinc, which helps to increase the effectiveness of free radicals. Helps to get rid of waste cells (those that die after destroying germs). Zinc is an essential nutrient for our body. Zinc is a part of various enzymes in the body and is present in all tissues.
  • Green tea, cereals, fresh vegetables contain manganese, which helps to increase the function of killer immune cells.

Make it a habit to eat fibrous food every day. Fresh green vegetables. Bananas, lemons, tomatoes and cucumbers. Onion, garlic, kalizira. Marine fish



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